Project Description

Name Call/Nickname
Porter Porter
From the owner: I have never owned or been around a more well rounded dog. Porter is a stellar example of what an FCR should embody. His character, temperament, trainability, and versatility are spot on, plus more. In South Dakota, hunting opportunities are endless and I needed a dog that is more than a one-hunt style dog. During a typical hunting season, we will go from upland birds (prairie chickens, sharp-tail grouse, pheasants) to waterfowl hunting (ducks/geese in field and water settings) often within the same day and Porter thrives in each setting, so much so that I cannot tell which game is his favorite pursuit! Porter’s first hunt was at 7 mos and he did not skip a beat in the duck blind. Did I mention versatility? Porter shed hunts as well!

Outside of hunting season, you can typically find us hiking, backpacking or camping out of our truck. Porter takes everything we throw at him in stride with enthusiasm, I’ve never once seen the dog overwhelmed or stressed. This dog lives and breathes pleasing his owners and I like to think that we provide the perfect life for him, where he can spend his days tromping through open fields of big bluestem and come home and crash on the couch with us. An absolutely incredible specimen with an on/off switch and unparalleled drive.

The Heirborn team knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to breeding FCRs. Every pairing is meticulously thought out with a goal to only better the breed and produce nothing but high-quality animals. Paul, Shelley, Alice and Christian are incredible at what they do and continue to go above and beyond what any other breeder typically would. I know exactly where our next FCR will come from!