Flat-Coated Retriever

The Peter Pan of the Sporting group, and the reason they call dogs, “Man’s Best Friend”

What makes them great:

  • Fun and energetic temperment
  • Eagerness to please is off the charts
  • Proper breeding standards have maintained a well-balanced health profile
  • Very multi-talented breed good for a wide variety of working tasks
  • Loving a loyalty remain one of the shining examples of why a FCR is simply the best choice

Peter Pan?

As a leader and fellow expert on the FCR, Dr. Nancy Laughton of Great Britain, refers to the
Flat-Coat as the canine Peter Pan of the Working Group. This is due to their slow climb
to maturity and their truly forever young approach to life. A Flat-Coated Retriever is
a great companion and are often bred to be Champions.
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Are all breeders the same?

Breed Knowledge

It’s not enough to “know about dogs”. A breeder must be an expert in their breed and must be tuned into to changes in the breed and industry.


It’s fairly simple to become a FCR breeder, but being a veteran FCR breeder is critical. Do you want a heart surgeon who just finished school or one who’s been a pro since 1970?


Flat-Coat puppies need love, affection and a caring home life, but to properly raise a champion a FCR breeder must also have the facilities required to see their full talents come to light.

Industry and Network

A champion FCR breeder must be involved in the industry. The priority is the health of the breed and a professional breeder works with their colleagues to ensure the future of the FCR.

The Whole Dog

A professional FCR breeder considers the whole dog when preparing for their next litter. That means their next littler isn’t accident, but a well thought out advancement of the breed’s standard.

A Partner

Most quality breeders provide a contract and some form of guarantee with their dogs. This is a GREAT practice. A champion breeder stands by their craft and partners with their customers accordingly.
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